Oak & Cypress Weddings provides wedding design and coordination for local and destination weddings worldwide. Based in Seattle, our talented team produces everything under the sun for your top-notch and distinctive wedding: complete planning and coordination; layout designs and plans; creative direction and styling; logistical, guest and budget management; prop and décor curation and creation; florals; letter and paper art; custom signage; venue and provider research and scouting and much more. 


We don’t adhere to the heavy-handed industry formula. We set ourselves apart by adhering to an evolutionary perspective and process that is refined and authentic – in the studio and with each of our clients. We build a foundation of trust and maintain a strong set of values: integrity, innovation, discretion, simplicity, fun, warmth, artistic vision and the balance that pulls everything together without feeling contrived. We’ve found our clients to be fun-loving and creative couples with diverse stories and backgrounds that appreciate our values and share them. We have a boutique sensibility – producing seamless weddings for a discerning number of clients each year - this way each client is provided specialized attention for particular needs and a receptive environment to tell their story.

We don’t work with vendors – we collaborate with and support artists. What else would you call the most creative, passionate and talented photographers, chefs, make-up artists, musicians, florists, painters, textile and graphic designers? We maintain the principle that ‘handcrafted’ and ‘artisan’ is above ‘mass-market’ and ‘over-produced’. We have respect for the natural environment, which serves as the basis of our inspiration – in our studio and the weddings we create – valuing local resources, organic and reclaimed materials, and limiting waste anywhere possible. 


Please contact us for more information regarding our pricing and offerings for wedding design and coordination, destination weddings, florals and letter arts. We also offer editorial styling and workshops in group settings and one-on-one.