Stunning Engagement Session with a Fist Full of Bolts at Deception Pass

We’ve decided to coin the term “All Heart” – not only because we stay true to our principles in-house but because we get behind the love that our clients have for each other and for their family and friends at such a special time in their lives. It’s really because of couple’s like Reema and Patrick. Our hearts skip a beat when we think about them and their upcoming wedding at Bella Luna Farms in April. Plus, dear God, A Fist Full of Bolts can’t go wrong capturing any of it.

Amanda, owner and founder, grew up at the location you see in these photos – Whidbey Island. So to say we’re familiar with the area – Deception Pass, Whidbey, and the surrounding area is an understatement. We love unique wedding sites that capture the beauty of the Pacific Northwest and we aim to know every nook and cranny like the back of our hands.

What an incredible backdrop for this couple! It was a blast working with them and styling their attire for this shoot. With the help of Sean Whitman at J Crew in downtown Seattle, finding the right colors and style to fit Patrick’s sincere and laid-back personality was a breeze.

We found Reema’s popping red dress at Anthropology. Seriously stunning and what a vibrant color against the blues and greens of the natural environment.

Thank you so much to Anna Ott at The Tacoma Parlor and Jenna Hatcher at Iris and Gold for such stellar work and for being great people – their genuine, light-hearted personalities are always the sweetest to work with.

Our deepest gratitude to Reema and Patrick for sharing it all with us.